Flash Fiction Friday Face.

As always, 150 words +/- 10, here’s the photo:

And here’s my story:


Stuart shuts the driver’s door and flashes a smile in the rearview. “I’m back. Miss me?”

A rustle in the backseat, the glint of scales in the darkness. “How is the sister? Still got a mouth like a switchblade?”

“I escaped with my mother’s apple crisp. Still warm. I feel an urgent desire to eat it right now. I said no questions. Blanket of silence. Remember?”

“Of course, dear,” the dragon’s eyes meet Stuart’s in the mirror.

Stuart glances up the walkway leading to the porch. The windows blaze with after-dinner light. The game will be starting. Men will bark loud opinions from the oversize sofa.

He inhales the dragon’s breath, exhales the thick living room air.

“You are beautiful,” the dragon says. “You are a diamond. Whether they see or not.”

“I know,” Stuart says. “Thank you.”

Stuart wraps his hand around the steering wheel and starts the engine, pointing the headlights toward home.


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