Flash Fiction for Your Face.

Challenge was: ~200 words about this here picture, and include a character who is a lawyer. Here goes:



Then the soft tap-tap of dress shoes on metal.


The pilot looks up from the cockpit. He feels his torso, turns his head to each side. Only then does he see the man in the suit with the clipboard.

“Who are you?”

“Look, we can’t dilly-dally. Filing deadline.”

“Filing?” the pilot’s brow furrows. “What? To where?”

“Oh! I see, sorry.” The man extends his hand. “I’m your time lawyer. Look, if we get things squared away, I think we can recapture some of this for you.”


“Yes,” the time lawyer says. “Minutes, months, moments, lost bits – you know, in case this doesn’t work out…” he gestures toward the frozen flames sticking out of the plane’s engines. “Missed the carrier by a bit, looks like. Don’t get me wrong, you might be fine. Just eject, and we’ll sort it later. A good lawyer will make sure you get all you’re entitled to. Sign here.”

The pilot takes the clipboard and signs, hands it back.

“Great. Here’s my card. Call me and let me know how it goes!” The lawyer flashes white teeth and climbs down.

The pilot hits the eject button.


Originally for Flash! Friday Fiction, do check it out. Stellar writing over there.