You Might Think This Story’s Title Is Weird But I Don’t

Further adventures filling random blank notebooks with real-time comics

I renewed my membership in the CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund) and they sent me a little sketchbook as a thank-you gift. Between that and the Story Cubes I got from Rory O’Connor at Comic-Con, I figured I had everything for a new real-time comic project. So I started. It’s important JUST TO START.

PS 06

I used the “Powers” cubes and got a little character zapping something, and titled my story “The Power Story.” Simple enough.

For whatever reason a little dog appeared.

Now when you read the little comic you might think, “This isn’t a power story. It’s about a little dog. What the heck?”

But I swear I thought about Power ALL the way through.

I just ended up interpreting “Power” as not a superpower, but the power to choose a path away from hate by walking a path made of music instead.

And that’s what the story turned into.

Here’s the whole thing (it’s a lot shorter than the Typewriter Story since, well, it’s a shorter notebook). Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts.