Introducing the Drooly Dog Zine: Tiny Pub, Big Ideas.

Can folded pieces of paper help bring back our artistic and civic soul? Let’s find out.

The Drooly Dog Zine is a tiny free pub. Hand drawn, hand mailed. No screens. No guarantee of format or frequency or what paper I’ll use (sometimes I just have a batch of something weird around).

Coming together around things we love in common. A song, a scene, a piece of art, a book, a band, a show, a film. This zine is my start at rebuilding that common soul by giving us all a ton of great work to look at/hear/read/experience. And talk about.

Here’s what I ask in return for the Zine: Share it, copy it, give it to friends. Take a pic and send it to someone if you think they’d dig it. Draw inspiration, get informed, and go make stuff. And talk to me and other Drooly Dogs about it. Have a salon or an exhibition or a house concert. And tell me all about it. The world needs you, and hopefully this wee zine will get you going.

Photo Jan 03, 2 21 31 PM
Here’s the first one. I make no guarantees as to format or style. Or what paper I might have on hand.

To get the Zine: Send a snail mail address to: I’ll be hand-writing them on a list. No database for this pup. No digital brain in the sky. No hashtags, no keywords.

I’m glad you’re here, let’s go make some noise.