Book Dog: Weirdly Inspiring

Do you have books that totally inspire you but they have zero to do with being inspiring? I bet you do.

Really any book can serve as inspiration in one way or another. Get you thinking. Make you want to go make something.

These books give me ideas and keep me open-minded, never mind why:

Hello Kitty Haiku. Okay, look. Somebody wrote haikus featuring Hello Kitty and the posed her in all sorts of costumes and situations and they are just so magnificent. And the book designs are gorgeous. I’m not kidding. I’ll  FIGHT anybody who says these are not the BEST.

The Arrival by Shaun Tan. No words and still the best immigration story I’ve read. And it’s not even about America. The way he imagines unfamiliar lands is beautiful and terrifying and you totally get it. I also recommend his animated short, “The Lost Thing.”

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. Visual storytelling at its very finest.

The Complete Far Side by Gary Larson. Some of these haven’t aged super well, but the vast majority of them are just pure friggin’ genius.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Okay this is a legit creativity inspiration type book. I like the way it’s written. It’s broken into little, combative, argumentative chunks. Great for keeping motivated and pissed off.

We Owe You Nothing, Expanded Edition: Punk Planet – The Collected Interviews. Just a whole bunch of interviews with bands, producers, music people. From the defunct magazine Punk Planet. Brilliant, insightful, goofy, weird, just fabulous.

Anything on Street Art. I just love graffiti and street art. Can’t get enough of it. Here are a couple that I have:

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