Music Dog: Get You Some Chiptune

In Zine 002, Mike Shirley-Donnelly of Curious Quail kindly provided a list of chiptune musicians to check out. These are artists who create music at least partly using vintage video game and computer hardware.

Since that came out, I’ve been listening to all the bands and songs that I can find – here are a few samples for you.

First up: Curious Quail themselves. 8bit sound plus violin and vocals and lots more. Melodic, complex, heartfelt.

Next: Crashfaster. Listen to them when you need to do things fast, or just for a general pick me up.

Here’s my fave song of theirs – Go!

This is also great, some 8bit Depeche Mode:

Rock on! I will dig up more. Do you know of some chiptune or 8-bit bands?

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