Wee Ways to Support Drooly Dog

Drooly Dog zines are for everyone: A person needing a bit of thinking space. A kid learning to write or draw. Yourself.

I give zines to young people whose life circumstances obscure their talent and potential. Who need to hear “What do you have to say? What do you think? How can you develop your voice in the world?”

I appreciate every bit of support folks kick in to keep the zines coming. Printer ink and copying and postage add up. THANK YOU.

It’s not tax-deductible, since it’s not (yet) a nonprofit. I keep it simple so charges and costs stay down. That’s it.

How you can support:

  1. Buy yourself a PDF downloadable “You Should Make A Comic” zine. This is one I give to the kids.

2. Sign up for a buck-a-month subscription, or a one-time pay-what-you-like that you can do any time. There are buttons below for this too if you’re the button type.

3. Or hey, buy a book. That always helps too. Plus you get a groovy read.