A Wee Fundraiser for My Birthday

My birthday is in early May,  and to celebrate I’m gonna give zines on cartooning and more to kids whose talents and potential can get obscured by their life circumstances. you can help!

There’s a group of kids near Shasta, California who are in the Eagle Soar program.

I’m sending them “You Should Make A Comic” zines and developing two art project sheets to create comics about bats and butterflies that live in their region. There are great folks up there who take these kids out in nature and show them around. And this is new for the kids. As is being given space to create their own work, in their own words.

Next we’ll work with a wide range of user groups at interpretive programs, and special events like the park “BioBlitz” in which kids of all backgrounds get out in nature and learn – and respond in their own voices.

I can’t tell you what a difference it makes for young people to speak and be heard and learn to do this well. And comics are super effective.

This fundraiser is to make enough zines/sheets to use up to the end of the school year.

Production costs:

  • Printer cartridges, which run $25 and evaporate basically
  • Copying, where it’s easy to blow $20 just for going in the door
  • Postage, which runs about $40 for a zine issue for example
  • Envelopes and paper and more envelopes and more paper
  • Potentially pencils and pencil sharpeners if possible
How to Help:

Buy/download your own copy of the “You Should Make A Comic” zine as a printable PDF (here’s how to fold/cut!) for $5:

One sheet of paper, 30 seconds of folding and cutting. Instructions HERE.


OR, you can toss in a one-time contribution or subscribe for a buck a month, using the buttons below. Everything goes to cover Drooly Dog production costs.

I’m really excited about reaching out to these kids. I hope you will be, too.

Note: Contributions NOT tax-deductible. We’re not yet a nonprofit.