Zine: How Credit Cards Work

Do you know a young person who is just getting into stuff like credit cards and bank accounts? THIS is the time to explain how this works and how the credit card companies make money. For sure.

So please print, fold, and give this to someone who can benefit. And please consider tossing in a little funding down at the bottom of this post to cover costs. Thank you!

NOTE: This zine contains a swear and a middle finger to help make the point about how much useless debt sucks. So there you go.

There’s also a bonus handy tip on the back:

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Requires 1 sheet US letter paper and 30 seconds of assembling. Folding/cutting instructions:

To get current issues snail-mailed to you, send your mailing address to hellodroolydog@gmail.com.

Make these, give them to people. Use them to start conversations and projects or just have a better day. And come learn more about Drooly Dog here.

Zines cost! Postage, printer ink, paper, envelopes, time. Please consider throwing in a couple bucks to cover the expense. Thank you!