Drooly Dog Goes to Eagles Soar

For people in less-than-stellar life circumstances, developing a voice and speaking out can be nearly impossible.

As in, no time, or supplies, or encouragement. As in, no one asking “what do you think?” – and then listening.

This is where Drooly Dog comes in. There’s a program in Whiskeytown, California called Eagles Soar. It serves young people in challenging circumstances, taking them into nature and then giving them the space to experience and think. We’re giving them Drooly Dog zines on making comics and on bats, and other creatures, and letting them have at it. Creating that space to experience new things, and most importantly, to respond in their own voice.

This can change who a kid is, let me tell you.

For us to survive this era of alternative facts and propaganda, we must enable those who don’t get the lion’s share of resources to stand up and speak – and do it well. You learn this from writing and drawing and having someone respond. And then doing it some more.

That’s just what’s happening in Whiskeytown. So far, I’ve sent batches of the You Should Make a Comic zine and the Bats zine, with more to come.

You can do this, too. Respond to a young person’s creation. Provide supplies. Make things yourself, and talk about them. Make that space.

Externalizing your thoughts is a learned skill, one that is endangered when we don’t study the arts. Those who speak and express well can change the world. This is what study in the arts teaches.

Thanks everyone for supporting this effort thus far, there’s more to come. And if you’d like to toss in a few bucks to cover copying and printer ink and postage – and so I can keep providing zines to kids for free- please do with the buttons below (it’s not a nonprofit, I just keep costs down and invite folks to help out. That’s it). And THANK YOU.