On Not Posting On The Social Medias Any More

I posted this on my social feeds also. Please hang with me on email and my email list, and this site, and of course in the real world of 3D goodness and human personal art and beauty.

Hello everyone,

You may or may not have noticed or care that I’m not posting on the socials any more.

A little while ago, I went into a toxic state. Overload. Day-long panic attacks. Had to get a grip.

First thing to go: Machines that tell me what to think, what to read, when to interact. Horror shows and screaming headlines and 24-hour outrage in the service of data mining and “engagement.”

My time and my mind belong to me. The Big Scroll changes the brain, man. It twists your reality paradigm into something ugly and wanting and scared. All damn day long.

So: no more. I’ll read articles and books. I’ll learn how I can help other humans in other ways in three-dimensional space. I will read up on y’all every so often and appreciate your goodness.

(I can’t tell you how great it is not to have some little screen trying to tell me what to do all the time. My world has expanded already.)

I will make art. It’s what I do. That’ll go on Instagram (@betsystreeter). It’ll be announced on my email list (sign up!) at my website (http://www.betsystreeter.com). There’s some crazy shit afoot in my visual mind and I’m sharing it.

Third novel is in the can (Silverwood: Origin), and you’ll hear about that too. It’s about what happens when your identity is taken away from you and you have to hack into yourself (huh). Plus friendship, trust, loyalty, and of course shape shifting and time travel.

Working on a big giant graphic history book in partnership with a truly awesome person, that should be out in a year or so. It’s gonna be so epic and beautiful.

I’d love to talk to you, person to person. I got a website where you can sign up for an email list. There’s an email address there: mail@betsystreeter.com.

I can’t scroll no more. It’s killing me.

Sorry. Sort of. Love to you all.