Hello! Here are free PDFs, printable zines, and my free newsletter, and any other goodness I come across, all about the world of narrative art. Take, have, scribble, enjoy!

Narrative Art is art that is trying to tell you something. Comics, cartoons, illustration, illuminated manuscripts, films, … oh there are so many forms.


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Here’s a Comic About “Bad Art,” to offer some inspiration to you to make your own darn art.


Here’s a printable PDF format for creating a character. Try it! Try it with friends or kids or a class! Click the little picture there to get it.

Here’s a printable PDF format for writing a wee story. Write your epic, write with a friend or a kid or a class. Click this image to grab one.

PDF Stick Figure one-pager:

Printable One-Pagers

You Should Make a Comic. You totally should. Start with this here sheet for inspiration.

BATS! Used by National Park Service naturalists in their bat talks. I mean, who doesn’t love bats. Can be two-sided, or two sheets. Color em, draw on em, enjoy.

How Credit Cards Work. Great for a recent graduate or other human you want to have good money habits.

Zines for Your Face

Print em, share em, give em to people you like. Each requires one sheet of paper and a bit of crafty folding.

You Should Make A Comic

Drooly Dog Zine 11: Tony the Boston by Kenny Olson

Drooly Dog Zine 10 by Lori Hanson

Drooly Dog Zine 9: Rosie

Drooly Dog Zine 8: Mocha by Bridgett Spicer

Drooly Dog Zine 7: Murphy

Drooly Dog Zine 6: Mani

Drooly Dog Zine 5: Scoutie

Drooly Dog Zine 4: Sage

Drooly Dog Zine 3: Wyatt

DroolyDog Zine 2: Pedro

DroolyDog Zine 1: Jackson

Folding and cutting your Zine: