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Bindercon Los Angeles 2016 

BinderCon is a twice-yearly conference for women and gender-nonconforming writers.  I created a “flying pen” emblem to express the spirit of the conference as a means of uplifting marginalized voices. The artwork was hand-drawn, then cleaned up and converted to vector art:

BinderCon Flying Pen by Betsy StreeterPhoto Jun 07, 1 01 28 PM

I also developed a comic for the program describing ways to make the most of the conference, and navigate the spectrum of gender or other identities one might encounter:

Photo Jun 07, 1 09 13 PM

The Story Shack

I periodically illustrate flash fiction for this site, they are very groovy and offer up all kinds of little stories that keep me on my toes illustration-wise. It’s great to pop out of the big projects and generate new ideas based on someone else’s work. Click the picture if you want to go read the associated story.

“End of the Road,” by Peter McMillan
“The Farm,” by Faith Cosentino
“10:42 PM,” by Shakyra Dunn
“Mercury,” by Brian Biswas


Sam Snoek-Brown, Author

Commissioned illustration to promote Sam’s novel, “Hagridden.”



Steampunk Stegosaurus

Commissioned drawing to serve as tattoo design. Drew this as a companion to the Steampunk T-Rex, also shown below.

steampunk steg commission2


Coaching Sanctuary

A website for professional women created by Bettina Jetter, one of the founders of MindJet. We created visuals to convey concepts related to life coaching and professional growth:




Middle-Aged Crazy

This website about creativity and creative careers was inspired partly by an animation I made called “Let Out the Creative Beast In Two Simple Steps.” The Beast graced the site as well as a set of book illustrations.





Here is the original animation:


Neptune Road Science Fiction Series and Spinoffs

I develop concept art, character drawings and cover designs in support of my serial fiction. The story combines elements of vintage and discarded objects and technology combined with living beings and futuristic scenarios.

Cover for the original series, comprising 6 volumes:


Cover designs for spinoff series Rocket Angels and Philo and May:

Philo and May by Betsy Streeter 1-20


A few examples of concept art and illustrations:

neptune road casino sign

neptune road philo

neptune road digital angelica

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