SciFi/Adventure Novels

Time-traveling shape-shifting adventure featuring a badass teen girl and her butt-kicking family. Kirkus says “Nonstop action” and they’re not kidding around.
Book 3 on the way. Beware the Tromindox.

Cartoons and Cartoon Collections

License gazillions of single-panel cartoons for your pubs, presentations, and other self-expressions at CartoonStock:


Three cartoon collections in handy paperback form, all with totally different cartoons in them:

Steampunk and Fantasy Art

These came out really lovely. Paperback.


Find the fantasy and steampunk art here on all the shirts and bags and notebooks and more. Redbubble has nice quality so I’ve stuck with them a long time.

(One of the very most popular things: Steampunk T-Rex Stickers. Get you some! He wants to come home with you and ride around on your guitar case!)

The place to get cartoons on cards and Neptune Road and Silverwood-related merch. Also nice quality. And don’t forget the Peace Dragon.

Neptune Road Print Edition
Yes, there is a print edition of the first 100 installments. Lovely print quality, all the drawings are in there and I printed in color to get the sepia tones. Nice to collect if you’ve read the Wattpad series.