People are living on a terraformed Neptune. The air and sunlight are borrowed, the surface is unstable, and the inhabitants are inventive. Welcome to Neptune Road. The popular story that I dream of adapting into comics and writing SO MUCH MORE OF.

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Neptune Road Major Characters

PDF of the major characters

Neptune Road started on Wattpad, where you can still read it, or you can get Kindle editions here too. See links beneath each Volume.

In NEPTUNE ROAD VOLUME I we meet many of the central characters – and they meet each other. Sam Brubeck arrives on Neptune having ditched Earth and under suspicion for the murder of his mother. He meets the crew of an improvised vessel called the Tumbleweed, and finds that remaining anonymous on Neptune is going to be tougher than he thought. Add in a nine-year-old orphan roboticist, a cyborg with a telly for a head and an attitude, and an agent with an intriguing identity, plus a lot of tangled history – and technology, all on an unstable planet – and here we go.
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NEPTUNE ROAD VOLUME II – In this second collection, we learn more about an ongoing murder investigation, Philo gets a body, some strange things are happening to the planet’s surface, and there are some complicated relationships that can make even a new planet feel like a small town.
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NEPTUNE ROAD VOLUME III – This is the third volume in the ongoing story of people living on Neptune. At this juncture, we’ve learned a bit about the Bird People, who clearly have issues (and some bad-ass technologies), and that Agent Millman appears to switch genders when stressed. The consciousness of Sam Brubeck’s mother, Angelica, seems to have been copied or at least backed up in some way, raising questions about which one is really her. Agent Millman and Rebecca Mangrove have a complicated past. We still have not learned whether Sam is going to be arrested for the murder of his mother. So, just a few little things going on. Enjoy.
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NEPTUNE ROAD VOLUME IV – At this stage in the story, we have met some of the major players in what looks to be an ongoing struggle for power and resources on this iffy planet. The Bird People are devising rather invasive experiments, one of which seems to have found its way inside of Dr. Mangrove’s head. Agent Millman is trying to sort what case he’s supposed to work on anyway (Murder? Espionage? Who knows?), and exactly who is hiring him. And Edward, Darby’s assistant at his bar, heads to Scar City with some important information for the Agent.
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NEPTUNE ROAD VOLUME V – At this stage, things are getting weird. There seems to be an outfit called Vertical Technologies who want Sam’s time for some reason. Nobody appears to know who runs VT, although the Bird People pay a visit. We will also meet more colorful folks in this volume, including well-meaning folks putting up Unhelpful Signage and our inaugural encounter with the Rocket Angels motorcycle club. Also, one of the characters develops strong feelings for another one. Can you guess which? Once you do, you’ll know this is going to be terribly complicated…
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NEPTUNE ROAD VOLUME VI-A – Here in Volume 6-A, there are a lot of experiments going on on the experimental planet. Sam Brubeck gets caught up in one of the weirder ones. Darby and his bar are going to go through quite a transition, not by their own choice. And we’re going back to find out more about May… the child orphan who was the sole survivor of Neptune’s Second Calamity. How did that even happen, anyway? Everywhere you look it gets more complicated.
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NEPTUNE ROAD VOLUME VI-B – Here in Volume 6B, Neptune Road is evolving into a mystery within a mystery. It all starts when May clearly appears to be struggling with her status as an orphan and her lack of memories or understanding of what happened when she lost her family. She has always believed certain things about how she survived the Second Calamity, but the facts just don’t seem to add up. And when the Tumbleweed crew start to dig into it, things just get stranger.
Meanwhile Sam Brubeck has gone off on his own, with his own demons to contend with. He’s got his mother’s downloaded consciousness, but not much else. He’s told his friends not to come after him. And he’s told Agent Millman not to either. Where is Sam going, and why?
Wattpad (All of Volume VI) | Kindle

NEPTUNE ROAD VOLUME VI-C – By now, the episodes and storylines are really expanding. We see May, the 9-year-old roboticist, becoming increasingly suspicious that she may not be alone in the world after all. Sam Brubeck is investigating mysterious data deletions on Earth that seem to correlate with people’s departures for Neptune. Agent Millman’s molecular structure is deteriorating, and Edward will do about anything to save him… and much more.
Wattpad (All of Volume VI) | Kindle

Philo and May by Betsy Streeter 1-20PHILO AND MAY 1-20 – May found Philo in the Neptune Badlands, nothing left of him but his telly-head. After she rebuilt him from his own stored specifications, he became her seven-foot-tall friend and protector. Now the cyborg and the nine-year-old roboticist have traveled to Scar City to learn whether May really is an orphan or if she has family. A spinoff story from the Neptune Road series.
Wattpad | Kindle

rocket-angels-cover-1-20ROCKET ANGELS 1-20 -Old Bob, Mavis, and Percy each have their reasons for bailing on Earth and moving to Neptune. When they arrive, they unite around a common love for music and motorcycles and form the Rocket Angels Motorcycle Club. Soon they find themselves involved in the Nonstop Derby, a race in which participants alter their vehicles while moving at high speeds. A spinoff story from the Neptune Road series.
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ROCKET ANGELS 21-40 – In which the Nonstop Derby just seems to get more and more complicated – and who is the Wrench?

Wattpad serial | Kindle (read ahead)