Page-Turner SciFi Adventure about a badass girl and her badass family.


“Nonstop action”
“Engaging narrative,”
“A time-traveling, portal-jumping sci-fi… the multiple points of view keep the pace moving”
*As in, unsolicited, I didn’t pay for these, dudes

“Beautifully developed characters and very original story line… Lots of twists and turns.” – Anjuli Clayden, Bookseller and Goodreads Top Reviewer

“It was so completely different from anything I’ve read recently.” – Melanie Thompson, Goodreads Review

Silverwood Book 1


Helen Silverwood, fourteen and a compulsive hacker, has never felt at home in her whole life. She lives on the run with her bounty hunter mom and her strangely-talented little brother, while enduring recurring dreams of monsters. And she misses her dad.

The family winds up on the road to the remote town of Brokeneck, California.  Helen hopes that there she will find her father – as well as a home. But a trove of stolen time-travel portals, a mysterious lake, shape-shifting human hunters, and the town’s own misfit residents make sure that it won’t be simple – or easy.

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Silverwood Book 2: Silver Shard

Silver Shard by Betsy Streeter 150

The shape-shifting, human-devouring Tromindox force Helen, 15, to make an impossible choice: give up her ten-year-old brother Henry – and his rapidly-growing ability to draw the unseen – to them, or to see Henry die in front of her. Consumed by guilt at her decision and determined to save her brother herself, Helen becomes entangled in an ancient vendetta that could lead to the extinction of the Silverwoods. It will take all of her belief in her own talents as a hacker, as well as those of her time-traveling clan, and most of all, Henry – to bring him back.

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