Sketchbook Request-O-Matic

Yes yes, I’m known to send free little sketchbooks to fine humans who could use some space for their thoughts, dreams, drawings, poetry, photos, collages, whatnot, what have you, or anything else. Especially young people, for whom this space can so often get taken away or run over. Do you know someone who could use one? Would you like me to send it to them? Fill this out, and hit Submit. I get to em as fast as I can – and I don’t store the info, this is a use-em-and-nuke-em type data operation.

I’ve noticed some folks are a tad thrown by the “free” aspect of this project – our society is so transactional, what’s the catch? The catch, if there is one, is that I want to offer creative space free to the recipient. That’s the most important thing. Space, something to use for expression, just coming so someone no strings attached. Now, if you’d like to kick in a few bucks for postage (it adds up!) that’s totally fine, my PayPal is or No problem. It’s just gotta be free to the recipient that you’ve chosen! There ya go.

I’d love to see what’s getting put in these books, if desired. So toss a few pics or a note to me at or you can hit up my Twitter or Instagram, which are both @betsystreeter. Yay!