Bicycle Sentences – A Small, Big Project

Grant and I have been working on an illustrated bicycle history since 2016, and that’s taking a while, partly because, you may have noticed, the world since 2016 has been a tad busy/bananas/incomprehensible. And, some of that has pertained to bikes and bike culture, even. So, it’s been a journey.

Along the way, that Big project spawned a Small project, called Bicycle Sentences, short statements or questions or ponderings about cycling life accompanied by art. The intent being, also a book. And, or, a calendar.

We started releasing these fellows onto the Rivendell Instagram, as a test-kitchen for ideas and discussion and well, to say the least, it’s been a rip-roaring good time so far.

Here are some samples. The colors are derived from Rivendell paint colors and palettes.

More to come, and prints and a book, at least! -Betsy