Books by Betsy Streeter

Aren’t books great? Totally portable, random-access. Mine tend to be page turners and brain candy and contain Unexpected Things.

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Silverwood Series

Page turner scifi about a badass girl and her badass family. The Silverwood clan are responsible for safeguarding the tools of time travel while battling the shape-shifting, human-hunting Tromindox. Helen Silverwood, fourteen, and her brother Henry, nine, must grow into their abilities and take their roles in the clan. The Incredibles plus MacGyver with a dose of Twin Peaks. Read More

Neptune Road

The popular science fiction serial published on Wattpad and now coming available for Kindle. Welcome to Neptune – where the air and sunlight are borrowed, the surface is unstable, and the people are… inventive. Features the airship Tumbleweed, a cyborg with a telly for a head, Bird People, an orphaned child roboticist, and much more. Read More

Cartoon Collections

Brighten your day or someone else’s with the infinite absurdity of everyday life. Read More