The Studio Yes Yes Bookstore, Yay!

For signed copies direct from me, how exciting! Sloth and Manatee, art, peculiar possums:

Visit The Studio Yes Yes Bookstore

License Tons of Cartoons from CartoonStock

There are probably 800-plus panels up there. Something for everyone! Put em in your presentations, books, newsletters, you name it. Even merch!

Books From

I mean you can get em that other book place too, but why? Kitty not included but isn’t he cute. Support indie bookstores!

Art on Things at Redbubble

Cards, posters, stickers, shirts, groovy. A few of the most popular below, there’s a bunch more:

Anything Else?

Absolutely! Don’t see a cartoon on CartoonStock? Wishing for something on a piece of merch? Drop me a line at and I’ll see what I can do. Yes yes!