Yes Yes! A Sloth and Manatee Collection

The original 140 drawn comics, which fill something like 5 notebooks. Meet the busy lizard, the distant cow, the frog of knowledge, the wise rock, a caterpillar, a very hyper squirrel, gophers, and of course Sloth and Manatee as they make friends and wonder things. Also page 22 is great for coloring. This book makes a lovely gift for a friend.

“Sloth and Manatee are just the friends we all need right now, always there for each other, encountering the world with wonder, demonstrating the power of art to create joy and open new spaces for our hearts and minds. Heed their call to gentle adventure. This is the good stuff.”

“Manatee floating is the opposite of doomscrolling. Betsy’s work reveals that even at times when we can’t travel far with our bodies, art can take our hears and minds on some pretty neat adventures.”

– Erika Hall and Mike Monteiro, founders of Mule Design and Quarantine Book Club

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License Tons of Cartoons from CartoonStock

There are probably 800-plus panels up there. Something for everyone! Put em in your presentations, books, newsletters, you name it. Even merch! CartoonStock are lovely and I’ve been with them forever.

Watch Out for the Pika – Drawings by Betsy Streeter

A collection of drawings including tardigrades, animals in fabulous footwear, great women, a bathing anteater, and many other good friends. Lovely gift, heck, color it if you like!

Available at: Etsy (sign-able) | | That Other Place

Art Prints, Stickers, Cards, Shirts, All the Things

I update with new art and sometimes I put stuff up there special for someone! So fun. People especially love stickers. So many stickers.

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Anything Else?

Absolutely! Don’t see a cartoon on CartoonStock? Wishing for something on a piece of merch? Drop me a line at and I’ll see what I can do. Yes yes!