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  • Bicycle Sentences – A Small, Big Project
    Grant and I have been working on an illustrated bicycle history since 2016, and that’s taking a while, partly because, you may have noticed, the world since 2016 has been a tad busy/bananas/incomprehensible. And, some of that has pertained to bikes and bike culture, even. So, it’s been a journey. Along the way, that Big […]
  • Sloth and Manatee: Ocean Adventure 11-20
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  • A Dumb Cartoon About Two Cats
    Apparently in around 2015 I drew the dumbest cat cartoon ever put to paper. Here it is: There you are. That’s it. You’re welcome/I’m sorry.
  • Anatomy of a Single-Panel Cartoon
    Single-panel cartoons (AKA gag cartoons, AKA New Yorker cartoons) have plot, settings, characters, suspense, drama – really! It’s all there. How is this possible? It’s just some squiggles and a limited amount of words – if any at all. Let’s take a look at how these magical little one-frame movies do it: TIME A cartoon […]
  • Great Women – A Drawing Series
    What a lovely experience/honor it has been to draw these. It’s hard to describe the feeling when I spend a lot of time really considering and drawing someone, but it does feel (at least for me) like reaching through time and space.
  • The Time My Cartoon Sneaked Into The Smithsonian…
    …Astrophysical Observatory’s traveling exhibit on black holes In 2009, The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, also called the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, which are all Very Big Words of Science and Fabulousness, contacted me to license this cartoon: It was for a traveling exhibit called Black Holes: Space Warps and Time Twists that went all over the […]
  • Drawing Critters
    How to get the anatomy right even when you’re being weird A while back, I went on a thing of drawing mechanical creatures. One of them was a grasshopper. Even though I made it out of clockwork and things, I wanted the physical characteristics to be correct. If I’d drawn this from memory, I would’ve […]
  • The time I made a trout mural with a bunch of first graders
    I was once asked to help out my kid’s class of first graders in making a mural about their ‘trout project,’ which involved raising trout and then releasing them in a reservoir. Along the way, they learned the trout’s life cycle and other wondrous things about aquatic life. I put a long sheet of paper […]
  • 2022: New Year, Old Glamour
    In which I am up drawing late at night again, and this happened. It made me think about how much we’ve lost our equilibrium in these times, shutting down, opening up, shutting down again – and how much it feels like we’re running at that football of normalcy only to have it pulled away and […]
  • When You Meet a Dog
    How to sniff out trustworthy fellows
  • Animals in Fabulous Footwear
    A Collection (psst: a lot of these rhyme – Duck in Chucks, Toucan in Vans, so so clever) These fellows all appear in the art book, Watch Out for the Pika, available here and here
  • Enter, Pursued by a Skunk: A Benefit Book for Cal Shakes
    In the year 2020, all the humans went home for some reason, and the Bruns Amphitheater, normally home to the California Shakespeare Theater, fell quiet except for the wind in the eucalyptus trees and the rustling and pattering of creatures exploring the big empty space. What they found was a stage. And some plays… Sales […]
  • Erika and Rupert and Marauding Possums
    Subject: Erika Hall, and her dog Rupert, on the occasion of her birthday 2021. Commissioned by Mike Monteiro. This got printed on a BLANKET. How great is that? Best commission ever. Thanks, Mike, for asking.
  • The time my cartoon was in a movie
    Years ago somebody called me from what I thought was Paramount but apparently it’s actually Warner Bros because I looked it up, and they asked if they could use one of my cartoons in set dressing in an upcoming film featuring The Rock and I said hey, sure. Then I forgot about it. And then […]