Sloth and Manatee

Sloth and Manatee began as a chronicle of thoughts and a little peaceful space at the outset of the Covid lockdown in California in mid-March, 2020. As the pandemic wore on and our world struggled with getting bigger and smaller at the same time, and as we stared into the ugly face of injustice and into the pits in our stomachs, Sloth and Manatee rambled on, curious and confused but most of all friends. My friend Erika pointed out that sloths and manatees are among the only mammals with a unique number of neck vertebrae. On some level they are uniquely connected, always there for each other, like Frog and Toad or Snoopy and Woodstock. Most of all, they represent limitless love for nature and the never ending conversation.

Yes Yes! A Sloth And Manatee Collection comprises the first 140 strips and illustrations, in the order I drew em. Get it on Bookshop.

And bonus: Page 22 is a coloring page. You can print yourself a copy of that one here!