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Fun Facts

  • Born in Livermore, California, USA – home of the Lawrence Livermore National Lab where my dad worked. Did high school FORTRAN homework on Cray supercomputer normally used for magnetic fusion energy research
  • As a kid figured out how to score infinite points in Space Invaders on the Atari
  • House was nonstop music and rehearsals due to everyone’s participation in various madrigal groups and bands and plays, still a heavy sleeper as a result
  • Did an excessive amount of youth sports
  • Studied Studio Art (painting and drawing emphasis) and Communication (documentary film emphasis) at Stanford
  • Started in film production painting/dressing sets, storyboards,  script/continuity, assistant camera/sound/editor, literally anything else
  • Got into graphics and animation, flying logos and words around
  • Got into interactive design and development, programming turned out to be really great/terrible for someone who compulsively perfects everything
  • Got into information architecture and Web design at Studio Archetype (Clement Mok’s firm), when this Internet thing was a concept and a free-for-all and nobody had broadband
  • Head of design for online division of Electronic Arts, found out the game industry is a whole lot like the film production industry
  • Along the way drew single-panel cartoons under the name “Brainwaves” – picked up by King Features for “The New Breed” and it went from there, 2,100 panels or so in many fine publications such as The Funny Times, Utne, a Chicken Soup book, and a ton of magazines, sites, and refrigerator doors – and several psych textbooks
  • I love drawing with kids. It’s all about being seen and heard, developing a voice, taking up your space. Once worked with a class of high school sophomores, all immigrants, on creating comics of their (harrowing, unique, poignant) immigration experiences. Volunteered as an illustrator at 826 Valencia in San Francisco. Illustrated books like “The Scary Garlic at the Bottom of the Stairs” and “Tina Tackles the Tarantula.” Taught at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco and the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, Ca.
  • Have inadvertently designed at least one tattoo
  • Author of three YA-and-up sci-fi novels and a heavily-illustrated sci-fi serial about people living on a terra-formed Neptune
  • Have designed a magnificent special effect using dry ice, surgical tubing and a squeeze bottle
  • Can write upside down and backwards
  • Will never, ever get over David Bowie
  • Live with brainiac husband, two peculiar children, two opinionated and idiosyncratic cats, a mellow yet hungry tarantula and enormous deposits of books, CDs and vinyl records

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    Betsy, may I put this info, your picture and a small sample of your Neptune road serial in the Streeter Family Association newsletter? It’s a 36 page, semi-annual professional genealogy piece and I will see that you get some copies for your family when I print it in July.


    Hi Betsy, You have a page in the Winter-Spring 2016 Streeter Family Association Newsletter. If you give me an address by email I will send you a copy.

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