Oh, Hello!

I’m an artist and cartoonist in the SF East Bay in Northern California, USA. I hope you find some friends here. Visit the Shop page for where to get books and goodies. Enjoy!

Live look at me

Sloth and Manatee are curious friends cruising around Earth and space and the Moon and the ocean and wondering things and being together. They’ve got a first book and a second book!

Brainwaves is a longtime widely published feature of single-panel cartoons about life being absurd and hilarious, basically. The first Volume of Best of Brainwaves is out!

Sofa Stories is a limited-edition book where I drew characters and Mike Monteiro wrote micro-fictions for each one. Friends, identity, family, awkwardness, struggles, a bit of drama, a couple swears, and lots of heart. A picture book for grownups.

Silverwood is a series of previously-published scifi adventure novels that I’m making into a second edition and serializing here on the site, come along!

The Art Gallery is a place to find animal and alien and vintage electronic friends to come hang out with you.

I’m always making stuff and sharing what’s happening in Instagram or Bluesky or Mastodon.

News and Goings On

The latest chapters of the second edition of Silverwood are up! Scifi Mystery Thriller Time-Travel Shape-Shifting Adventure. Oh, yeah.

Best of Brainwaves Volume One: The Fountain of Stuff! The first 400+ cartoons in the order I drew em. Signed copies here, or where books are sold! Give yourself – or someone you like – the cartoon feature that’s been called “filth” (it’s not filth) and “infinitely absurd” (it is absurd). Amazon | Bookshop

On Saturdays I make a post of comics and art and encouragement and sometimes animations and definitely friendship. You can get it in your email, or heck, just Read it here if you like. It’s all fine.

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