“This is a phenomenal book full of stories that tease you in then punch you in the gut – not in a bad way, in a way that opens your mind to the realities of life our fellow humans have to navigate. It’s been made pretty clear that this isn’t a children’s book, but the lovely illustrations give the stories a natural empathy that words alone might not have accomplished. What a gift of a book.” – Stephanie

A picture book for grownups by Betsy Streeter and Mike Monteiro. Available Here or where books are sold.

“Sloth and Manatee: Ocean Adventure” is the second book of comics, in full color, in which the friends find their way into the ocean (Sloth has his “bubble hat”) and there they meet all sorts of creatures, from turtles to anemones to a whale and an olm! Along the way they consider life, migration, interconnected-ness, and of course friendship.

Available Here or where books are sold.

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