Betsy Streeter

Hello, I’m an artist/illustrator/cartoonist/writer based in Northern California, USA. Here are two new books (yay!), Sofa Stories with Mike Monteiro, a kids’ book for grownups [signed/numbered limited edition | Bookshop] and Sloth and Manatee, Ocean Adventure, a comic about friends [signed | Bookshop]. My work’s available on really nice prints and cards in the Print Shop. Cartoonstock in the UK licenses my (hundreds of) cartoons and they are lovely folks. Ongoing shenanigans are on my Instagram. For inquiries/projects/collabs email me, (or to make a request to pop something up onto the print or Redbubble merch shop). I’m working with Grant at Rivendell Bicycle Works on Bicycle Sentences (seen on Riv’s Instagram) and An Illustrated History of the American Bicycle (working title).