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SILVERWOOD: Did you know humans have one natural predator? Probably not, because their venom makes you forget. The Silverwood clan, however, hunt them down all the time. Neo-noir, science fiction, cyberpunk, shape-shifting, this comic contains some dark imagery involving venom and violence and death, just saying.

NEPTUNE ROAD: Neptune has been terraformed, sort of, and now every misfit and leftover (human and otherwise) seems to find a way there. Stories of a DIY planet.

SLOTH AND MANATEE: Sloth and Manatee are friends. Currently they are cruising around in the ocean. They have their own book, and new ones come out on Fridays in my free email. Yes Yes!

SHOP: Phoebe and her cat run a shop, where anything can happen. A surreal comic about magic and dreams and things being possible.

BRAINWAVES: A single-panel cartoon that has been described as being about “the infinite absurdity of everyday life.” There’s over 2,000 of these! Brainwaves ran in syndication for quite a few years. One’s in a Smithsonian traveling exhibit on black holes. Another one’s in the movie “San Andreas.” A whole lot of them can be licensed at CartoonStock. Yay!