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NEWS: Best of Brainwaves Volume One: The Fountain of Stuff is here! Over 400 cartoons, from the beginning, in the order I drew em. Signed copies here, or where books are sold! You can give yourself – or someone you like – a smile. Or like, 400 smiles.

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I’m a cartoonist, artist, illustrator, and writer, and I live in the SF East Bay in Northern California, USA.

I mess about on Instagram, and Mastodon, and on LinkedIn and TikTok.

“A unique weekly brand of humor!” – my neighbor Frank

“Gentle, philosophic, kind, wonderful.” – Grant Petersen

“Peculiar and disruptive.” – my brother

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A new Sloth and Manatee comic plus cartoons, art, and an interesting or inspiring or confusing theme. New posts on Saturdays, email or online. Read the Archive here.

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