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welcome to the home of Studio YesYes/Betsy Streeter. I hope you find some delightful things here. I send goodies on Fridays to my email folks, subscribe here, yes yes!

Recent/Current Projects (all images are copyright me or the respective clients):

Enter, Pursued by a Skunk

In the year 2020,

all the humans went home for some reason, and the Bruns Amphitheater, normally home to the California Shakespeare Theater, fell quiet except for the wind in the eucalyptus trees and the rustling and pattering of creatures exploring the big empty space.

What they found was a stage. And some plays…

a book benefitting California Shakespeare Theater, buy em at the Bruns or from my shop!

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Erika + Possums

Funnest commission ever.

An Illustrated History of the Bicycle

Me and Grant Petersen at Rivendell have been workin’ on this thing since 2016. It’s epic, it’s marvelous, it’s full over historical bicycle and social and cultural goodness. Look out, world.

Bertolami Engineering

My friend Gwen has a fabulous architecture firm. This logo represents the blank page, the design, and the finished product.

Lafayette Reservoir Run 2020

Each character represents the mascot of one of the local schools that benefit from the race funds. The colors represent nature and connection provided by the Lafayette Reservoir, with a bit of tie dye thrown in as a tribute to a dead-head client.

Sloth and Manatee

Two fellows born out of a project in the vault of an abandoned bank branch. They escaped when the lockdown happened and became their own story and book. They are currently cruising around in the ocean. More about them here.

Comfort Casitas

My friend Gwen also designs/builds custom ADUs or Auxiliary Dwelling Units constructed from sustainable prefabricated materials. Isn’t that cool?

California Shakespeare Theater Gala – Lights Up!

In which the animals of Bruns Amphitheater roast Will. A series of images promoting the Cal Shakes annual gala, held of course virtually.

Taking the Work Out of Networking by Karen Wickre

I helped the fabulous Karen launch and promote her book with promotional images and bookplates and even a cartoon for Taking the Work Out of Networking: An Introvert’s Guide to Making Connections That Count.

Figures of Speech by Sammy Warm Hands: Album Cover and Art

Sam is great. And prolific. Here’s his Bandcamp.