If you are trying to find something or have a request for a print I’m happy to help, email me at

Cat Nonsense Stickers

Perfect for so many situations. Going quick.

Signed Prints

From Sloth and Manatee comics, illustrations, anything from the print shop, you name it – on Moab Entrada rag paper, lovely. Typical pricing: $75 plus shipping for 14-inch tall. Email


Sloth and Manatee, Cartoons, Art, Bicycle Sentences. Signed, ship to US and Canada. Elsewhere? Drop me a note at and we can work something out.

Prints, Mini-Prints, Stickers, Cards

INPRNT makes art prints, mini-prints, stickers, and cards. They do a beautiful job. Prints run from $15 to $30 and go on sale a lot. Visit the Gallery

License Brainwaves Cartoons

There’s a HUGE collection of cartoons to license for your presentation, book, blog, merch, or other needs, very reasonable pricing based on usage. CartoonStock are marvelous and I’ve been with them forever.

Shirts, Stickers, so many things

REDBUBBLE has a spectacular range of prints and gifts and buttons and stickers with art and friends on them.