This Place is Fancy.

Last weekend they threw a lovely alumni author event across the Bay at Stanford. People could buy books (or in my case, pre-order – which they did, and I tried not to jump up and down too much each time someone filled out an order form because that is embarrassing). I met cool new person Kathleen Founds, [...]

Perihelion Science Fiction is turning Two soon!

Neptune Road got its start at Perihelion. Sam Bellotto Jr. has also published a number of my sci fi short stories and really got things rolling as “Silverwood” got finished up. Perihelion Science Fiction got its own start in November 1967(!), as a print mag that ran for 5 issues. I’m not kidding. Now it lives [...]


Neptune Road 071 – Darby’s Lab

  Mr. Darby carefully places Agent’s Millman’s saliva sample from his glass on a slide and positions it under a microscope. He peers at it intently for a long time. He takes a picture of it. Glasses clink in the background, the bar in the next room is slowing down and the evening washing has [...]


Neptune Road 070 – An Opening in the Rock

  “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! They took Philo’s head off!” May says. “Why did they do that?” Philo’s telly-head sits on a counter. The screen is blank. Figures bustle all around it but pay it no attention. “He took his own head off, dear,” Dr. Mangrove says. “I promise it’s okay.” “This is [...]


Neptune Road 069 – An Opening in the Rock

May stumbles into the room and falls. Whoever dragged her here says nothing, and the door slams behind her. She is plunged into darkness, except for a lit opening in the rock high up the wall. She can hear clanking of metal, movements – it sounds like a lot of activity. The room is dark, [...]