rocket-angels-cover-21-40New Release: Neptune Road Rocket Angels 21-40 on Kindle

For your binge-reading enjoyment. Read ahead of the Wattpad serial by a good couple months. Binge!

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Silver Shard by Betsy Streeter 150Kirkus Review of SILVERWOOD II: SILVER SHARD says “nonstop action,” “engaging narrative,” and “entertaining!”

Helen Silverwood must make an impossible choice: surrender her younger brother Henry to the Tromindox, or see him die in front of her. She will have to believe in herself, her clan, and above all Henry – in order to get him back.

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Neptune Road Character GuideA PDF Visual Guide to Major Characters of Neptune Road

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rocket-angels-cover-1-20New Release: Neptune Road Rocket Angels 1-20 on Smashwords and Kindle!

Old Bob, Mavis, and Percy each have their reasons for bailing on Earth and moving to Neptune. When they arrive, they unite around a common love for music and motorcycles and form the Rocket Angels Motorcycle Club. Soon they find themselves involved in the Nonstop Derby, a race in which participants alter their vehicles while moving at high speeds…

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Philo and May by Betsy Streeter 1-20New Release: Philo and May 1-20 for Kindle and Smashwords

May found Philo in the Neptune Badlands, nothing left of him but his telly-head. After she rebuilt him from his own stored specifications, he became her seven-foot-tall friend and protector. Now the cyborg and the nine-year-old roboticist have traveled to Scar City to learn whether May really is an orphan or if she has family. A spinoff story from the Neptune Road series.

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