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Ooh we’re very close to a title for the second Silverwood novel. Stay tuned!

GRATITUDE AND TOAST to everyone at the APE Expo this year. (Thank you Mike Shirley-Donnelly of Curious Quail for the photo!)

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Oooh, The Watchmakers story is getting complicated and dicey. Just you wait.

Read a sample chapter and preorder The Watchmakers: The Flying Ghost, at Inkshares. First in a series of mystery spinoffs from the Silverwood novels.


How cool is it when young people come up to you randomly in public and say they enjoyed your novel and read it multiple times. Dang cool, that’s how cool. Far cooler than metrics on some website. YA-and-up sci fi. The Incredibles meets Doctor Who and MacGyver with a slathering of Twin Peaks. Plus, shape-shifting.


Neptune Road is reaching Episode 200!

Right around Halloween. At which time we’ll be launching into the FUTURE of this universe. If you’re on Wattpad or Smashwords give me feedback on your favorite characters and aspects of the story!!


And now, Photo Graffiti (thanks everyone who’s sent me photos)