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Supergirl for an actual Super Girl

I made a mistake. I Googled “Supergirl.” There are 20 rows of bimbos before you get to one little kid in a costume. You know, a girl. Who might be super. How about¬†Supergirl for the Super Girl Gaze. Here’s one:¬†Pretty standard, strong, traditional super-ish costume. Or, how about retro metal Supergirl. Probably likes Trivium.   [...]


Neptune Road 055 – Tumbleweed Ventilation Duct

May slides down the Tumbleweed’s ventilation duct, feet first. Her nine-year-old shoulders just fit.   This better lead somewhere, May thinks, or they’ll find me all dried up in here in a few years.   The duct is mostly smooth, but every so often something catches on her clothes and slows her progress. As long [...]


“Silverwood” ARC: Very first look!

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod LOOK. My publisher just sent me this picture. There it is. Know what this means? Advance copies are about to be available for reviewers and booksellers. That’s what it means. (Happy dancing while also working on the second book)


Neptune Road 054 – Tumbleweed Loading Dock

“What just happened?” Sam asks. “I don’t know, we seem to have landed for some reason,” Rebecca answers. “We should not be on the ground. Not this close to Scar City.” “Well it would seem that we are on the ground,” Sam says. “I’m going to take a look,” Rebecca says, opening the door to [...]


Come See My Spiffy New Sign at APE!

I got a new sign. I’m gonna put it up at my table at APE (Alternative Press Expo), in SF, October 4th and 5th. Table 706. Next door to Squid Row and Gulls. This will be the FUN section of the show floor for sure. The kitty loves the new sign – see? He loves [...]