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This week’s came in painful for some reason. These things happen without warning. Go, subconscious, go.

Thematic requirement: “Man v Nature”

Photo prompt:


Look, I know you’ll storm out the door of this diner at the slightest provocation. I prepared myself on the plane ride. Or I tried.

What happened? Was it one horrible moment, or a long slide?

Why don’t I have any idea?

When did your veins fill with fire? What monstrous forces forged in some fiery core? When did your eyes go dark?

I see it in your skin. Pierced with metal, red with welts. Damage. Pain. Anger. You used to glow. I used to bathe in it, when you threw your arms around my neck.

Anger is pain, anger is fear. In an instant I would put on armor and go to battle.

I would slay your demons in the fatherhood arena. Bloodied, I would hold aloft the gorgon’s head and declare your freedom.

This is what a father does for a daughter.

But I swing my sword and it meets nothing. The deluge dashes me on the rocks. I can’t even keep my footing, much less wield a weapon.

I will keep trying. Forever. I will pay the airfare. I will try to see you through the flood.

Even as the current carries me away.


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When I get pooped out from writing in the late afternoon I do some drawing. Here’s a bit of typography practice.



Like I said, Neptune Road episodes are gonna get longer, more detailed. Think of it up to now as a whole lotta world-building. Now let’s dig into this murder mystery and find out what’s going on. Starting with… May? On the roof? Uh…

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These critters are coming with me to BayCon. As it stands I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday. The dealers’ room is open from 10am to 7pm both days. Rock!!! Come see me and pup and kitty.