Neptune Road 067 – Underground

The velociraptor lumbers down the corridor, its tail swinging back and forth. May creeps along the wall behind it, careful not to let her shadow stretch across the floor and give her away. She can hear the creature’s gears grinding and its hydraulics working. She can also make components that look like cameras mounted at [...]


Neptune Road 066 – Underground

\ “Okay I think I can take this out, now,” Feller says. Dr. Mangrove still lies as if asleep in the dentist chair. “Give it a try,” Rebecca says. Feller gently takes hold of the attachment on Dr. Mangrove’s neck and gently pulls on it. A clicking sound, and the wire comes loose. Dr. Mangrove’s [...]

Neptune Road 065 – Darby

  Mr. Darby swings one leg over the back of the chair that Cass vacated moments ago and sits down. “I bet I can help you,” he says. Agent Millman, who had been staring into space with his chin resting on his knuckles, returns to the present moment to look at this new visitor. “Excuse [...]


Neptune Road 064 – Darby’s Bar

Agent David O. Millman rests his elbows on a tiny round table at Darby’s Bar. The place smells awful – stale beer and burnt odors sit like clouds in the uncirculated air.   Cass enters from the back door, wearing a long black veil. She stops at the bar and orders, then approaches Agent Millman’s [...]