Silverwood: Chapter 17


Hi Dad, it’s Helen. Again.

I have to tell you: It’s been an interesting night. We are currently at a gas station outside the city. Somebody blew up our apartment. So we left.

Several facts have come to light in the last few hours. First, I have been made aware – by Henry, of all people – that the creatures in my dreams, which have an actual name which is ‘Tromindox,’ by the way, are real. Not dreams at all. I guess you knew this. I did not know this obviously. Thanks to everyone for keeping me informed. Really appreciate it.

Also, Mom hunts the Tromindox. As in, she hunts them down and destroys them. Which explains a lot about her comings and goings. Sort of. She keeps talking about the ancient ways and the modern ways. Something about books and portals and people who want power and how we’re stuck in the middle. Also she and I both saved the same person from the Tromindox at different times. I think.

Furthermore, mom turned out to have explosives in our apartment which she proceeded to use to blow up whoever was blowing us up. Certainly was not on the lookout for that to happen.

And finally, in the Henry department, we are now on the road headed for someplace called Brokeneck, which may or may not be real, and which Henry says is absolutely positively real. And the kicker is that you are supposed to be there. Like that’s possible.

So am I going to keep having dreams? Or are these Tromindox going to start showing up at lunch now? Is all of this part of a dream?

Are we really going to a place called Brokeneck?

Are you really gonna be there?

I will try and say something positive to Mom. But I’m mad. I’m really mad. When were you people planning to enlighten me? Ever?

Good night dad, hope to see you soon. Maybe in Brokeneck. Wherever that is.


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