Years ago somebody called me from what I thought was Paramount but apparently it’s actually Warner Bros because I looked it up, and they asked if they could use one of my cartoons in set dressing in an upcoming film featuring The Rock and I said hey, sure. Then I forgot about it.

And then one night I was sitting there watching the film in question, San Andreas, and I thought hey, I wonder if they used it. And damn if it didn’t show up. Like, I am the absolute only person on the planet who would recognize this object, but that’s it there. It’s a joke about predicting earthquakes. Because, San Andreas. Get it?

That’s it. There’s my cartoon. Behind the lamp. Taped to the glass. No, over there. That one. Really. No, really.

Anyway here’s the actual cartoon, so you can read it for real. And, confirm that yes indeed, there it is behind Paul Giamatti. Ta daaaaa! Faaaaame!!!! Dream big, kids!!